The 3-18 Education Trust Strategic Plan 2022- 2027

We have established a clear strategy for the development of our Trust in partnership with all schools. The agreed areas for strategic development are: People, School Improvement, Systems and Communication, Sustainable Growth.  Our Trust Strategy applies to all schools and age ranges and is driven by our vision that ‘Every individual is in a great school.

Primary areas for development

People School improvement Systems and Communication Sustainable Growth
Professional development pathways
Talent management
‘Anytime, anywhere’ learning
Building a strong network of schools
High quality terms and conditions
Quality assurance systems
Build a Trust domain
Create a cost-effective central team
Recruitment, retention & succession
Pupil engagement and inclusion
Define the ‘Rhythm of the year’
Safe and sustainable Trust estate

What will this look like?

Performance management is actively driving school improvement, with staff clear on their own developments and how it affects others.
Job descriptions and person specifications are in place for all roles across the Trust, with clear progression routes.
Clear succession planning is in place providing a robust work force, recruitment is strong and managed well across the Trust.
School improvement
There is a strong network of Trust consultants covering all aspects of school to school support.
The quality assurance process is able to highlight successes and areas for improvement and matches support with needs.
Inclusion is strong across the Trust with clear strategies for ensuring children are in high quality adaptive settings.
Systems and Communication
Children and staff are able to access what they need, when and where they need it. Lessons are accessible both live, remote or online.
File sharing and effective data management is used consistently by everyone across the Trust.
The Trust calendar is clear with contributions from all schools. Everyone is able to access what they need to keep themselves organised.
Sustainable Growth
All schools in the Trust have a clear local identity interwoven with systems and support that enables them to thrive. Induction into the Trust is well planned and the Trust offer is well publicised.
The central team is of a size and scale that enables us all to be responsive to support needs, enabling all schools to flourish.
The Trust estate is well maintained with a clear plan for development of buildings and infrastructure.