Our Commitment

The 3–18 Education Trust is committed to the development of all our staff.  Our aim is to promote a culture of continuous professional development by empowering our colleagues to learn, develop their own practice, innovate and share knowledge with colleagues within our schools and beyond.

Recruit - Develop - Retain


Our ambition is to be the employer of choice in our county.  We are passionate about recruiting and retaining high performing and committed staff who can deliver excellent outcomes for our pupils.  Our School Led Teacher Training programme (Salop Teaching Partnership) offers an exciting opportunity for aspiring teachers to train alongside outstanding practitioners, gaining valuable skills, knowledge and professional attitudes.  Our teacher training programme has a strong record of recruiting, developing and retaining new teachers who strengthen our Trust year on year and our support staff career pathways empower our dedicated staff to thrive and grow within our Trust.


We are passionate about ensuring that all staff have the opportunity to develop and pursue their ambition to progress in their careers, valuing collaboration and professional development as key drivers. By giving our teachers, support staff and leaders time to share best practice and learn together, we develop as professionals. Through our appointment of Trust Improvement Consultants, we leverage their expertise to facilitate a wide range of training opportunities for all our staff. Our external partnerships expand these opportunities, through the offer of National Professional Qualifications, fully funded diplomas, degrees and master level apprenticeships, and coaching. Our in-house Aspire Leadership programme specifically targets emerging leaders, providing insights into effective leadership; essential for sustainable continuous school improvement. Our commitment is to recruit, develop and retain the best leaders in our schools.


As a trust, we aim to harness the abundance of skill and experience we have within our current workforce and identify new talent to take us to the next step in our journey.  Succession planning is important to us so that we are able to retain our high quality staff within our schools and ensure that those staff feel empowered to develop their careers further, whilst always feeling valued and motivated. 

The Variety of Roles at the 3-18 Education Trust

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It’s not just teaching – Admin, IT, Maintainance, HR and more!

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We think you'll love working here!

Career Pathways

It’s not just teaching – Admin, IT, Maintainance, HR and more!

We offer many programmes for professional development


Your chance to work at our Trust

Staff Members Share their Career Journeys with Us


The 3-18 Annual Conference

Each year, we organise a Trust Conference to which we invite all school staff.  It is important to us that the whole team feel part of something special and, above all, feel valued.  ​

Our first conference was really successful and, using the staff feedback we received from our first conference, we are planning another exciting agenda for our next conference in November 2024.​

Please watch this video to find out more about our annual conference: 

Trust Wide Conferences

In addition to our annual Trust Conference, we also organise annual conferences in the following key areas:​

  • Safeguarding​
  • SEND​
  • Teaching and Learning​
  • IT​
  • HR​
  • Finance