Being Part of Our Trust

Being Part of The 3-18 Education Trust

Our Trust is made up of the collective strengths of all the schools that our part of it. We would love for you to both add to and benefit from our collaborative expertise. We want you to be successful in your local area, to be the school of choice for children and parents in your catchment, to be a valued local employer and to be at the forefront of educational thinking. 

Your Students

  • We want all children to be in a great school. The main purpose of the Trust’s work is to provide that opportunity for all children across the Trust.
  • We are made up of a range of fully comprehensive schools, school experiences and nature of students – this has broadened the expertise of our Trust, and has already enabled best practice to be shared for common and individual contexts.
  • We have an established school improvement record, developed through internal processes and external quality assurance. Outcomes from EYFS to Post 16 have already improved through the mutual support and intervention between schools; the number of students in the Trust continue to grow due to more parents/carers than ever showing interest in the Trust schools.

Your Staff

  • Our collaborative and collegiate approach defines the work of the school leaders. School leaders share ideas, innovation and best practice to the benefit of students, staff and parents/carers. All schools work towards improvement of themselves and others in the Trust.
  • Our scheme of delegation enables individual school culture and identity to thrive, whilst enabling common ground to be established where required.
  • We have already created a talent management and succession planning framework, focused on developing career structures and staff professional development opportunities in order to enable us to recruit, develop and retain excellent staff and future school leaders.
  • The experience of our Teaching School Alliance has enabled an outward-facing approach to school improvement, providing excellent opportunities for staff to work within and outside the Trust and to bring back best practice to all schools in the Trust.

Your Governors

  • We want each school to retain its unique identity and build on its own ethos and values, drawing where relevant and where required on other schools, whilst reflecting the values of the Trust in their work.
  • Together we have established our strategy and trust development plan, which all schools work towards in terms of the shape and scope of the Trust.
  • We have an established reporting system for Governors, using a data dashboard that enables a standardised reporting process, with easily accessible and benchmarked data, which ensures clear accountability.
  • Our rigorous framework of governance focuses on the Link Governor role and empowers individual Governors to challenge and support. It also enables Governors to share their own practice across Local Governing Bodies which extends the influence of strong governance.
  • We continue to have excellent links with the Local Authority, that actively supports our work. Links with external agencies extends to community bodies, the Regional Schools Commissioners and Ofsted. 
  • We have a mutually supportive structure to safeguard schools for the future by developing robust school and Trust governance arrangements to ensure a high-quality education is maintained for every child
  • There is comprehensive risk management at school and trust level

The day-to-day operations

  • One of the cornerstones of our Trust is an established, robust finance system (through both the people and process) which has earned praise from auditors due to strong financial expertise and which enables financial control, transparent budgeting and confident planning.
  • An appropriately staffed MAT central office provides financial, Human Resource, insurance, ICT and legal services to schools within the Trust.
  • Financial sensitivity awareness has enabled a degree of resilience in the face of external challenges.
  • Economies of scale through strong finance, HR and IT have been established in order to free up time for improving teaching, personal development, leadership and outcomes for students