• Chief Executive Officer's Welcome

    A very warm welcome to our Trust website. We have five schools in our Trust (for further details click on the links to their web-sites above) that are united by the same expectations and beliefs:-

    Our Mission is that we aim to be an excellent Trust that supports and challenges in appropriate measure, so that every individual is in a great school.

    Our Values are divided into those for students and those for the schools:

    For our students - leave us accomplished, independent, resilient, compassionate young people, with choices and opportunities ahead of them. 

    For our schools – we celebrate the differences between our individual schools, enjoy the benefit of the team so that each school gives and receives support and retains their identity and culture.

    The 3-18 Education Trust derives its name from the age range we serve. We have an inclusive ethos, defined only by age, and we recognise that education is a continuous process, secured through consistent values and a strong transition (through the key stages).

    Not only do we pursue the important dimension of achieving the best results for each individual, regardless of their starting point, but we also believe strongly that education is about developing well-rounded individuals, who are ready, willing and able to make their contribution to society.

    M J Barratt
    Chief Executive Officer

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