Rachel Holland

Holistic Education

Teaching is my vocational calling and having taught Secondary Mathematics for over 20 years – it has been a large part of my life!

But, I believe in a holistic approach to Education; a classroom should not just be about gaining a qualification but enable young adults to enter into new opportunities with social confidence and confidence in their self worth.  Social and Soft skills are as important to an employer as examination results.

In my first school I developed a course to help students navigate the unwritten world of social and soft skills, e.g. ‘Handshake Etiquette, Standing up straight, What to wear when, How to introduce yourself, your parents and your boss and wine tasting without the wine, and thank you notes!’. It proved to be very popular and out of 200 students, 185 signed up voluntarily. This led to the creation of multiple courses and their deliverance to schools, universities and business’s. Several courses appeared in the TES with The Interview Course for university and apprenticeships being particularly successful.

I moved back to Cheshire and joined Thomas Adams in 2014. I enjoy delivering assemblies and workshops on Social and Soft skills, watching young adults enter with rounded shoulders and eyes low to leaving with correct posture and a smile.