Chrissi Harris


Chrissi has much experience in Early Years, managing staff, provision and creating a creative curriculum.  She is able to support other Early Years departments and nursery provision.

She also has experience of creating a primary curriculum and in training subject leaders to be highly effective.

My name is Chrissi Harris and I’m currently the EYFS Leader and Assistant Headteacher at Coleham Primary School.

I’ve worked in Early Years Education for over 23 years in a variety of roles, and am passionate about providing Early Years Education that is nurturing, stimulating and highly challenging for all pupils.

During my career I have worked in both nurseries and schools so have a strong understanding of child development and a child’s educational journey. I therefore feel confident in supporting all staff within the field if Early Education to ensure we provide the best possible outcomes for children.

Having worked as a Nursery Nurse, Teaching Assistant, Teacher and Senior Leader I am able to resonate with staff, understand the part they play, and value they add to their team. In the past this has allowed me to develop professional, respectful relationships where staff feel genuinely listened to, and teamwork has been established effectively.

I have a particular passion and interest in Early Language development and over the years have been involved in many projects and initiatives that have involved working with children, families, staff and other educational professionals.

More recently in my career, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside Local Authority Early Years advisors, sharing best practice on what Outstanding Practice looks like in Reception. In addition to this I’ve been fortunate to discuss on ‘Theory in Action’ and ‘The Many Languages of Children’ at the Shropshire Early Years Conference.

I’m really enthusiastic about my role and keen to work with others to share ideas and learn from each other. Working in Early Years Education is hugely rewarding and having the privilege to work alongside others who share the passion for shaping young minds is something I look forward to doing.