Alison Turner


Alison has done extensive work with the Maths Hub and has successfully led Maths in her own school.  She can support other schools to implement the Mastery approach.

I have worked in primary education for 16 years and for a vast majority of the time I have been maths subject leader.  For the last 6 years I have also had a senior leadership role as Deputy Headteacher.  When the Maths Hubs were established in July 2014, I became one of the first Mastery Specialist Teachers for Salop, Herefordshire and Wolverhampton Maths Hub (SHaW) and was involved with the development of Teaching for Mastery in schools within the Maths Hub area.  As part of this I had the opportunity to visit schools in Shanghai alongside 64 other primary maths subject leaders.  Through all my roles I have been a strong advocate of ensuring that maths makes sense to learners, knowing both how to do maths, along with understanding why.

I joined Coleham Primary School at the start of this academic year as Deputy Headteacher and I am pleased to be continuing my role with SHaW Maths Hub, I will be running Work Groups within the school in my capacity as Mastery Specialist Teacher.  In my Trust role I am keen to continue to work with other schools using my knowledge and experience of teaching and learning focused on maths.

Beyond school I am an active person, I regularly get out on my e-mountain bike, I snowboard and I enjoy daily walks with my Labrador.