Deana Stanley


My current role is faculty lead for Science and Technology and I have also recently been appointed as Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning. Over time, considerable improvements have been made to teaching and learning in the faculty and I have gained satisfaction in seeing the impact of the hard work of the team on the outcomes of our students. I involve my team in any decision-making processes, as I value their expertise and contributions to discussions on how we can improve as a faculty. At the core of what we do is the passion we have for the difference we can make to the lives of children, and it is imperative that we share the responsibility for this and work together. 

In the last academic year I have led a whole-school coaching triads project, which has involved all teaching staff working together in small groups, with the goal of improving teaching and learning in our own classrooms. I am looking forward to the challenges that my new role brings and seeing where I can have a wider impact.

After leaving university I worked in the forensic science sector for ten years before moving into education, with the hope of inspiring young people to move into science careers. I have a passion for the natural world and enjoy spending time gardening and adding to my collection of plants and invertebrates. I also love reading crime fiction and spending time with my family.