Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education

Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies for Schools

WORKSHOP BY: Professor Rose Luckin

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Professor Rose Luckin

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, bringing both promise and concerns to the realm of education. In this session, Professor Rose Luckin will provide an overview of AI – what it is, what it can and can’t do – to dispel myths and provide clarity around its current capabilities. She will explore AI through three helpful lenses:

  • First, AI as tools, such as those EdTech tools already assisting with personalised learning, automated assessments, and more – offering solutions to some longstanding educational challenges, though not without ethical considerations.
  • Next, as AI progresses, education must keep pace in advancing distinctly human forms of intelligence. 
  • Finally, students and educators themselves need to build AI literacy, understanding how these technologies work so they can interact safely and effectively. 

Guiding questions within this talk include:

  • What role should AI play in the EdTech and the classrooms of the future?
  • How can we develop wise policy and regulation around its use?
  • What changes for schools, both structurally and culturally, will be necessary to gain benefits while mitigating risks?
  • How can understanding of AI prepare both students and teachers not only to use it appropriately, but become the drivers of further progress toward more ethical innovation?

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