AI Essentials for Schools

WORKSHOP BY: Dina Foster – Head of AI Educator Training (Educate Ventures Research)

Sessions: 1 & 3

Dina Foster – Head of AI Educator Training (Educate Ventures Research)

AI Essentials is designed to provide an introduction to the purposeful adoption and application of AI-powered tools and systems. This one-hour session provides educators with an overview of the core components of understanding AI for education and the importance of establishing purposeful use of AI within their schools. The session explores the fast-developing field of AI in education and encourages staff and leaders to consider how AI could be harnessed effectively in order to enhance their own pedagogy and achieve school priorities.  ​Staff will develop an understanding of the scope for AI in education and consider the implications of AI for teaching and learning by looking at examples of the application of AI drawn from Secondary and Primary education. Participants will ​get to grips with the basics of AI Literacy including de-bunking myths and developing an awareness of the threats of AI.  As well as exploring the core benefits of AI to enhance teaching and learning, teachers will begin to understand ethical and safeguarding issues related to Artificial Intelligence in education.  By developing a critical mindset, teachers will be well-positioned to start to mitigate against the potential threats of AI and reap the benefits this new technology has to offer.

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